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Tenten’s last name. 


Uppie is such a weird puppy.

(〓 ̄(∵エ∵) ̄〓)


Marshall is just a simple man, caught in a web of fashion he doesn’t understand…

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44/ times b.a.p have made me want to roll off of a cliff

So, why are the funniest people the most depressed?


“Humor is a common defense mechanism. Some funny people like to make themselves and others laugh because it keeps them from crying. It distracts people from the real issues and pokes fun at things to minimize the impact. Albeit temporarily.”

key with white hair 09

Reblog if you tried imitating Bang Yong Guk’s voice.


your favourite member and why

MOON JONGUP: he is my favourite member because he is literally the most adorable human being ever! he has the cutest puppy smile and whenever he does smile i just wanna pinch his cheeks and hug him so tight and never let go. his personality is my favourite amongst the members, not that theres anything wrong with the others it’s just jongup is just so shy and quiet, which is very similar to myself. although he can be awkward and silent at times, that all completely changes as soon as he goes onto stage which i really love about him. he becomes really confident and he really shines bright. he is a really talented dancer, and i can’t help but smile when he dances. even though he has an unhealthy obsession with chris brown, he is still my cute little perfect prince and that’s why he’s my favourite member ^^ …i would write more but i think ive embarrassed myself enough ok goodbye

Final Fantasy X Original Soundtrack


“Suteki da ne?,” RIKKI - Final Fantasy X Original Soundtrack

“Regarding the theme song, my first concern was to find someone to sing it. The Asian-inspired theme [of the game’s setting] had nothing to do with the choice, but since I was personally interested in Okinawan music my staff and I looked at various CDs of that particular region. That’s when one staff member found some CDs by Rikki. I had never heard a voice quite like hers and I contacted her immediately. After that, I had the chance to visit her hometown of Amami Ooshima and meet her several times.”

-Nobuo Uematsu

“Our manager brought us [Uematsu, Masashi Hamauzu and Junya Nakano] one of Rikki’s albums, and after just one listen, we unanimously decided she was the only singer for us. Rikki really gets Yuna’s personality across…The scriptwriters got their inspiration from Rikki’s singing, so the game flows from her voice…I’d say I like the main theme [“Suteki da ne?”] the best, followed by the opening theme [“Zanarkand”], and then “Blitzball” [composed by Masashi Hamauzu] third.

-Nobuo Uematsu

“One day, one of our staff let me listen to Miss You Amami, Rikki’s album released on an indie label. The album is a masterpiece, and her voice is amazing on that album; that’s what made me choose her. It would be nice if more of this type of remarkable Japanese music were released overseas.”

-Nobuo Uematsu

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 멋지다! 우리 애기들 최고!ㅎㅋ

Great! Our Babys are the best! ㅎㅋ 

*The article is talking about how Babys donated 300kg of rice

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ladies and gentlemen
one of the most feared dog breeds in america