Meanwhile, Jonghyun.. 

Kyungsoo eating EXO’s 11th trophy during inkigayo


Because making a heart is too mainstream for Do Kyungsoo.


My English cover of EXO’s Don’t Go! I’m almost fully recovered from my cold, so I really wanted to record lol. Now my throat hurts again, but it’s okay.

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xoxo covers.

Cover by Silv3rT3ar (elisexobear on tumblr)

Love the lyrics some much. <3

When I get better at playing the keyboard, I’m going to try singing this version. ><


I swear this was my favorite plot line in any show


B.A.P Jongup date scenario: You see him sitting in front of the fountain, and he looks so good for your date. You call out his name and wave, but not a thing on him moves from what you can see. When you get closer, he is waving his eyebrows at you. He has waved back. 


I have more than 20 questions in my inbox and you didn’t notify me about any of them! You ugly thing!

Anonymous asked: “trocou de twitter?”

troquei sim. quem pergunta?~

é boohaveit de novo agora lol

Hey, guyz

OMG, It’s been so long since I’ve had time to be on tumblr. And also my new notebook doesn’t help, this site is so slow here.

Oh well, I came to ask you guys a question.

Did you ever heard about the KPOP boygroup EXCITE?

I don’t know, I’ve seen their MV (Try Again) when it was released (october, i think) and saturday I listened to it again and got quite surprised they aren’t more famous.

I mean, seriously, their MV only has around 20.000 views and it’s been almost a year since they debuted.